Our commitment to our employees

Our most valuable asset is the great team of employees that work for Grupo Cotemar México

Our most valuable asset is the great team of employees that work for GCMthey are the reason we have been able to build this great company. As a result, our actions are steered towards their comprehensive development. Therefore, they are a crucial pillar of our corporate strategy to carry out our operations with the most state-of-the-art and efficient technology in the industry with a focus on service, responsibility, and industrial safety. We work diligently to understand and address the needs of our employees, thus creating a solid global platform for involvement, the creation of value, and sustainable growth.

We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment, where employees can develop their full potential and maximize their contribution. To achieve this, we have put policies in place that advocate for equity and non-discrimination, and equal treatment for all employees regardless of their appearance, physical abilities, schooling, language, sex, gender, age, and sexual or religious preference, among others.

In addition, given that respect for others is one of the company's main values, we work hard to create a work environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, and listened to. Also, every day we work so human rights are respected and best practices are encouraged in our facilities and the facilities of our value chain.

GCM has zero tolerance towards discrimination, forced labor, and child labor.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work

For the second consecutive year, in 2022 we were awarded the Great Place to Work (GPTW)certificate by virtue of our conviction that strengthening and developing the energy industry begins within our organization. In addition, this year we are proud to receive recognition as one of the Best Places for Women to Work in Mexico thanks to our commitment to equity and equality.

GPTW recognized Cotemar as an organization with a people-focused human capital strategy and a work culture that is based on credibility, respect, objectivity, pride, and team spirit. As a great place to work, we attract and retain the best talent to continue offering efficient solutions to our clients.

There is no doubt that a healthy work culture represents a competitive advantage for our company. This is because our employees feel motivated to work efficiently and safely to achieve the established goals, as reflected in our sustainable growth and further innovation.

 With over 43 years of experience and more than 6,000 employees, GPTW certifies us as the best strategic partner in the Gulf of Mexico and validates our technical, financial, and human abilities, while also giving us recognition as an employer brand.
Trabajador de Cotemar

Labor Approach

We use our vision and values to promote a culture that is based on inclusion. We are fully engaged in creating good working conditions and working spaces for our operations while promoting and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces.

We offer our employees salaries and compensation that are above the standard market offers and provide them with refresher and professional development courses. We also offer professional advancement opportunities based on their ability, performance, and merit.

At the end of June 2022, GCM’s team includes more than 6,000 employees, of which 93% are men and 7% are women. It is worth noting that 11% of our staff has worked for Cotemar for over 10 years.

Foto Grupal trabajadores Cotemar

Benefits and Compensation

GCM offers a respectable salary that is above the current legal minimum wage in Mexico. In addition, our benefits package covers 100% of our obligations required under the law and we offer the following additional social benefits:

  • Registration with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS, Spanish acronym)
  • Life insurance.
  • Institute of the National Fund for Workers' Consumption (FONACOT, Spanish acronym).
  • Registration with the Federal Housing Financing Agency (INFONAVIT, Spanish acronym)
  • Assistance for eyeglasses

Furthermore, 6% of our employees have the following benefits:

  • Retirement plan
  • Grocery vouchers
  • Major medical health insurance
  • Dental Insurance
Capacitación Cotemar

Professional Talent Management and Development

Our employees are the foundation of our growth and operation and, as such, we constantly strive to improve their skills and provide them with development and training opportunities. Our training programs are divided into three main categories:

  • Contractual: Courses focused on safety and highly specialized jobs that are required by current regulations and standards to ensure that all employees possess the skills required to provide the service.
  • Functional: These courses focused on developing the skills required for a specific and preparing them for the position they could be promoted to. 
  • Development: Courses on leadership, communication, and teamwork.

In 2021, our employees invested 348,820 training hours in their professional development.

Personnel Management

All personnel is managed from the Comprehensive Services and Solutions Center, also known as NOVO, where our employees can find responses and solutions to their Human Capital needs:

Medical services offices

Document control

Service kiosks

Contacto 3000


Transportation on ADO buses

All of this work is supported by the Cotemar Mobile App , where employees can access company communications and publications, download their payroll receipts and documentation, do a roll call, issue requests and schedule appointments with Contact 3000 and Occupational Health, and get approval from FAKTOR Logistics Services (accommodation and transportation by plane, helicopter, sea, and land).

GROW Model

The COVID-19 pandemic and the new remote work scenario required our employees to develop new skills. In this sense, we addressed this challenge by creating the GROW Model, which is designed to drive knowledge and develop key aptitudes and knowledge based on three basic axis and 11 attributes:


Project competitiveness to maintain the high performance that includes experience, skillfulness, and operational excellence.


  • Courtesy
  • Perseverance
  • Enthusiasm


Develop the skills to build relationships with our stakeholders based on trust and loyalty by prioritizing and delegating work and efficient time management.


  • Judgment
  • Insight
  • Leadership
  • Communication


Encourage innovation and the creation of responsible and motivated teams to gain competitive advantages and create a continuous improvement culture.


  • Courage
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Team player
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